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Cookie Party

Host the sweetest gatherings with Gimmie Shugar and More LLC. 
Whether it's a birthday bash, girl's night, couples' soiree, or simply a sweet craving, we bring the party to you!  Enjoy 8 undecorated cookies, all the cookie icing and decorations you need.  Learn the art of cookie decorating step by step. Ready to indulge.  Ready to indulge?
Fill out the cookie form below and let the cookie fun begin.

We don't own the rights to this music
$45.00 per quest. A minimum of 8 quest is required. 
Traveling Fee - (1-15 miles) Free
(15-30 miles) $35.00
(30 - 40 miles) $45.00
(Over 40 miles) $45.00 + $1.00 per mile after 40

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